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Here to Help London assists alumni and students of Latymer Upper School to multiple daily production of vital face-shields ten-fold, as the death toll in the UK rises

Friday 17 March 2020

Following the latest figures from the government of almost 14,000 deaths reported in the UK, Here To Help London has provided the students of Augment Bionics with the funds needed to increase production rates of face-shields from 200 to over 2,000 per day.

The development comes only four days after the confirmed distribution partnership between Here To Help London and Augment Bionics.

Having delivered the 3D printed face-visors to hospitals and GP practices across London on a daily basis since Easter Monday, with their electric vehicles courtesy of Handsfree Group, Here To Help London saw first-hand the significant impact and value of vital face-protection to front line medics.

On 10th April, the BMA announced that PPE supplies for NHS staff in London were dangerously low.

  • There are around 1.58 million NHS staff across the UK in hospitals and the community.
  • Government guidelines recommend that anyone working within two metres of a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patient should wear a surgical mask and eye protection.
  • The majority of surgical masks need to be disposed of after a single use or session. The face-shields can be reused once they are decontaminated.
  • According to the BMA, more than half of doctors working in high-risk environments stated there were either shortages or no supply of appropriate face masks, while 65% said they did not have access to eye protection.

The funds provided by Here To Help London and the gofundme platform enable Augment Bionics to produce over 10,000 face-shields a week, with Here To Help London continuing to secure their safe distribution to London hospitals and other essential care-providers.

It is of paramount importance of Augment Bionics, Here To Help London and their sponsors that those saving lives on the front line are well protected from this deadly virus.

Chairman of the Here To Help London response and of Integrity International Trust, Tony Matharu stated: “Recognising the initiative, work and effort these students have made, and the devastating impact COVID-19 is having on London’s medical community and our valiant NHS front line professionals, I realised that urgent help was needed. Funding and enabling scale of manufacture of critically needed face-shields was not a question of if, but when we could help. ”

George Dzavaryan, Co-Founder of Augment Bionics commented: “We are very excited by the prospect of creating and delivering so many of these face-shields in the coming days and are very grateful to Here To Help London and other organisations for their support. We just want to help save our front line heroes.”

Note to Editors

About Here To Help London

Here To Help London is a collaborative partnership service established solely to assist key workers and the wider community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Co-sponsored by Handsfree Group, Blue Orchid Hotels, Integrity International Group and Global Hospitality Services, Here To Help London has provided London’s key NHS workers and others:

  • Over 4,500 room nights of safe and independent living accommodation
  • Catering and delivery of over 27,000 meals
  • 24-7 helpline
  • Soap and hand lotion distribution
  • Free eggs and sandwiches to vulnerable London residents
  • Free pancakes and panetonnes to central London hospitals
  • Online tutorials and virtual debates
  • Free books
  • Online therapy and well-being support

Any donations are ring fenced in a charitable Restricted Fund established solely to assist the community and key workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Determined by the London community, Here To Help London support services will adapt as demand and as government advice changes.

About Augment Bionics

Augment Bionics are a medical devices start-up focused on building 3D printed prosthetic arms. In light of COVID-19 they diverted their efforts to provide face shields to the NHS free of charge.

Manufacturing commenced at a sanitised workshop at Latymer Upper School, with former students of the school also offering their help.

Generous donations, have enabled them to upscale their production from 200 face shields per day to over 2,000. They are now looking to secure official procurement contracts.

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